What we did this week:
We took a trip to the machine shop after our meeting last week to see what material we could dig up to use on our project.  We found some potential sheet metal for a frame that we could use, and also a square slab of aluminum for the table. We decided to only take the square slab (for the purposes of not looking too greedy with all that metal) and machined it into a new table.

Gantt Chart as of 10/07/2013

We also worked on a new draft of the Gantt chart, which will tie in everything we need to do starting today till the end of the semester. The only foreseeable problems are still the decapede and the coding of the firmware.

(A direct link of the Gantt file can be found in the FILES page)

Higher Res img: http://i.imgur.com/eeUvaTz.jpg

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